Grant Money Success Stories

  Small Business
TruTouch technologies received federal government grants of $218,000

TruTouch Technologies Inc. received a federal grant of $218,000...

TruTouch Technologies Inc. is a New Mexico-based small business. The company received $218,000 as part of a research grant to focus on developing an optical technique to measure amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream. The technique replaces breath, blood and urine testing by measuring alcohol amounts through the skin.

  First Time Home Buyer
Single Mother received  $7,500 in down payment assistance

Single mother receives $7,500 in down payment assistance...

Liliana is a single mother from Chelmsford, Massachusetts . She applied for and received $7,500 in down payment assistance from the American Dream Down Payment Initiative. This program, funded by HUD, helps first time, low income home buyers with down payment and closing costs assistance.

  Home Improvement
Fort Wayne, Indiana attorney received $13,350 of federal government grants

Fort Wayne, Indiana attorney receives $13,350
in city grants to restore her home/office...

Tandra is a lawyer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She applied for and received $13,350 in city grants to restore her three-story Victorian home and office. She used the homegrants for the exterior work needed to fix up her home including: rebuilding the foundation... adding concrete steps and a porch... and... repainting the outside.

These are just a few of the thousands of examples of ordinary folks getting their share of the billions of dollars in free grant money. These funds are available to you as well. All you have to know is the right process for finding these grants... and... how to successfully apply.

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