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By: Ronald E. Wainrib, Esq.

Dear Grant-Seeker,

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My name is , Esq. I am an attorney, consumer advocate and have been in touch with the grant process for 30 years.

My book("The Grant Authority: How to Create Your Own Grant Success Story") reveals how to get your share of the billions of grant dollars up for grabs from federal, state and local government agencies... public and private foundations... and... big money corporations.

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More on that later.

Why Free Grant Money is available to the public

Politicians often set up free grant money programs. Many are intended to benefit their constituents (and may help the politicians get re-elected).

These grant programs are administered by federal, state and local governments. These government agencies are required to distribute them by laws written by these politicians.

Some programs require that certain amounts or percentages of free grant dollars be given to particular recipients, such as small businesses.

Private Foundations...
Private foundations must by law give away five per cent of their yearly gross profits to maintain their non-profit, tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Their grants support public causes they believe in. They receive goodwill that always creates positive media attention.

Their donors receive tax deductions for their contributions to these foundations.

Corporations give away free grant money through their own corporate-sponsored foundations.

They also give non-monetary gifts that support causes they believe in through corporate giving programs. Their grants support public causes that benefit their local communities, and/or their employees and families.

They benefit from the goodwill that comes from positive media attention. They may also get tax write-offs for their good work.


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