Corporate Grants

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Corporate grants include free money from large corporations who have set aside funds for philanthropic distribution. Basically, corporate grants are a way for these billion dollar and multi-billion dollar companies to give back and help on a community, state and national level.

Over the last decade or so, corporate grants money has accumulated and has slowly been made available to the public. Most corporate grants programs have simple requirements that just about anyone can meet.

A number of opportunities to get corporate grants exist from corporate technology fund sources.

Many corporate grants programs also come from corporate foundations.

Thriving technology companies have millions upon millions of dollars to give away as part of their corporate grants programs.

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Corporate grants can be received in the form of cash, program, equipment and curriculum grants. Depending on your needs as an individual or organization.

Corporate grants can be granted to an individual for many purposes (i.e. For educational or research purposes). Corporations may prefer to give these grants to their employees, their families, or residents of specific locations where the company conducts business.

Our program reveals the corporate grants you can tap into. Anyone with the right information can claim free money from corporate grants. These corporate grants are easy to apply for grants online.

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