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The Grant Authority offers you the real world information needed to successfully win grants. How much money you obtain depends on the grant you qualify for, and how much effort you devote to grant research, grant proposal writingand other steps you'll read about in this book.

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Special Grant Resources CD Absolutely Free

Grant writing resources: Government Grant Authority Offers

The CD provides the resources you'll need when applying for free grant money.

It includes the following nine sections:

Section One:Standard Federal Government Agency Forms

Section Two: Specific Federal Government Agency Forms, Programs, Policies and Other Requirements

Section Three:SBIR/STTR Programs At Participating Federal Government Agencies

Section Four:Research Resources

Section Five:Grant Writing Resources

Section Six:Electronic Grant Submission Guide

Section Seven:After Submission Procedures

Section Eight:Tax Reporting

Section Nine:Sample State Grant Programs And Forms

If you want to avoid getting ripped off by grant scammers... and... you want to learn the truth about how to get a grant... then... this book is mandatory reading.

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100% Risk-Free,
Three-Month Money Back Guarantee

The Grant Authority: Grant writing resources

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The Grant Authority, Inc. is a company that is authorized to sell this book. They have reserved a hard copy for you. The only requirement to claim it is a small "good faith" deposit of $39.97. To prove you are serious about learning these little-known grant money secrets.

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Your money is safe with them... because... they won't consider your deposit theirs until at least three months after they send you the book.

That gives you more than enough time to read the secrets in the book... put them to the test... and... apply for one or more free money grants.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you're not completely satisfied return the book and CD... and... they'll give you a full and fast refund.

No questions asked. No funny business.

You don't risk a single penny.

Fair enough?

Good. I thought so.

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Ronald E. Wainrib, Esq.

The Grant Authority is your one-stop source to learn how to research, find, and obtain grants from all grant sources:


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