About the Grant Authority

You see, for years I have worked with both grantors and grant seekers, which gives me an insider's view of what it really takes to qualify for free grant money.

My new book is packed with time-tested, proven grant-winning secrets offered from a lawyer?s perspective such as:

  • How to identify the best free grant money programs for your particular needs. (You'll discover where the money is and how to get your share as quickly and as easily as possible.)
  • 9 grant myths that confuse consumers!
  • Shortcuts to proper research... writing a proposal... and... submitting correctly. (Too many people fail to get approval because they don't know what I reveal in my book.)
  • Critical differences between grants, loans and government entitlements... and... which ones are the easiest to qualify for!
  • Why your personal credit and financial situation does not matter when qualifying for a grant!
  • How to use grant money to get your new business off the ground! (This is perhaps the greatest source of start up and expansion capital any business owner can tap into.)
  • The number one mistake grant seekers make when applying for government grants... and... how to avoid it.
  • How individual applicants can increase their chances of being awarded grant funds.
  • Why no one can guarantee you will receive grant money. (And how scammers cheat honest consumers out of their money by making big promises they can't deliver on. If you do nothing else, pay close attention to what I say here. You'll save yourself a lot of money and heartache.)
  • How to match your grant needs with those of the appropriate funding sources. (Knowing this little "nugget of gold" gives you a huge advantage over other grant seekers competing against you.)
  • The primary reason grant proposals are rejected!
  • Why individuals should affiliate and seek sponsorship from a non-profit organization... before... applying to any grant program!
  • Basic questions to ask yourself as part of the research process!
  • 7 types of grants... and... how to determine which type is right for you!
  • Under what circumstances it makes sense to start your own non-profit organization. (Such entities tend to have an easier time getting grant funds for various projects. This could be your ticket to a big grant award.)

There's more... much more.

But why should you bother listening to me? It's simple.

I've been an attorney, writer, and consumer advocate for 30 years. During that time, I was on the inside of organizations responsible for giving away millions upon millions of dollars in free grant money. And I helped grant-seekers - just like you - access these funds for themselves and their businesses.

Which means, I am in a unique position- unlike most other grant information providers - to help you...

Believe it or not, billions of dollars are waiting to be claimed. Over 25 federal agencies distribute part of this money via more than 1,000 programs.

The numbers are staggering...

  • Billions of dollars are available for small and start up businesses.
  • Hundreds of billions in free grants available for women. For instance, government agencies offer nearly $10 Billion in free money grants for women entrepreneurs to start new businesses.
  • Special funds have been earmarked for minority groups such as: African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans.
  • First time home buyer programs at the local, state and federal level give people money to buy a home. For example, up to $10,000 or 6% of the purchase price is available to buy your first home under HUD's American Dream Down Payment Initiative program.
  • Rural residents age 62 and older can access free money grants for home renovation and repair. There are grants and low-interest loan programs for business owners, students, artists, musicians, etc.
  • And much more.

The key to getting these funds is knowing how to apply for them.

This book gives you the facts about legitimate programs you can apply to... and... how to put the odds of getting a grant in your favor.

The Grant Authority is your one-stop source to learn how to research, find, and obtain grants from all grant sources:


Private and Community Foundations


Charitable Organizations

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