Foundation Grants

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Foundation grants are free cash grants provided by organizations that assist people with specific needs. Generally, these organizations offer private foundation grants and foundation grants to individuals.

You can use foundation grants to start a business, go to school or for personal needs.

Non-profit organizations are required by law to give away a minimum of 5% of their assets yearly. Otherwise, they lose their non-profit status.

They meet their legal obligations by giving money through foundation grants, private foundation grants and foundation grants to individuals.

Foundations typically fund non-profit public charities; these are organizations whose purposes are charitable, educational, scientific, religious, literary, or cultural. The small numbers of foundations that give to individuals typically do so to help pay for educational expenses or support artistic or research projects.

Over 840,000 non-profit organizations exist ready to give you foundation grants. And over $100 Billion dollars is available in foundation grants.

There is more than enough free private foundation grants money for you.

Our program reveals the foundation grants you can tap into. Not only are there private foundation grants available but also foundation grants to individuals that anyone can claim. These foundation grants are easy to apply for and we show you how.

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