How To Avoid The Grant Scams And Schemes
Costing Consumers Millions Of Dollars Every Year

Listen carefully:
The Internet is a hotbed of misinformation. Google the term "government grants" and you get hundreds of web pages.

Ask yourself this question...

"Could all those web pages contain accurate information about getting a grant?"

Of course not!

In fact, a lot of them are set up by affiliate marketers to make a quick buck. One of the most prevalent scams is this: Someone who knows nothing about - and has never obtained - grants sets up a "review" website.

The site is supposed to present authoritative and objective information about different grant books and programs. The marketer says something like they researched a bunch of grant programs and found several legitimate ones.

When you click on the links on their website you go to the home page for the product. If you buy, the affiliate marketer gets a commission.

There's nothing wrong with that... except... in a lot of cases, the affiliate marketer has never even bothered reading any of the books they promote. They have no clue what's accurate and what's garbage. You trust them and buy and end up wasting your money.

To me... that's a scam.

On the other hand, this book covers what you need to know to successfully obtain a grant. It's been written by someone who knows how the grant process works because I have been on both sides of the fence helping grantors and grant seekers.

Just to make sure you understand this point, here are a few more secrets you'll read about in my book:

  • How to maximize your chances of winning a grant.
  • Three possible outcomes to expect after you submit your proposal to the grantor.
  • How to deal with partial grant funding and use it to get more grant money from the same or other grantors in the future. (Knowing this can get you thousands of extra dollars.)
  • What an "RFP" is... and... why you must read it carefully and follow instructions to the letter... if... getting a grant approval is important to you.
  • Winning strategies for convincing grantors to fund your project.
  • 15 "must-have" items to include in all your grant proposals. (Don't even think about preparing a proposal without knowing what these items are... and... what they consist of. The success of your application depends on these.)
  • The single most important part of a grant proposal... and... how to use it to differentiate yourself from other grant seekers.
  • What grantors focus on most when they read a grant proposal. (I bet not one in a thousand applicants knows this secret. Yet... it's probably the one thing... above all others... that determines whether your application is accepeted or rejected.)
  • A critical question you have to answer in your proposal. Grantors are secretly asking themselves this question... before... deciding if they should award you the money or someone else.
  • 10 common reasons why grant proposals are denied.
  • How to apply for grants on the Internet.
  • Real-world examples of how to fill out the proper forms when applying for government, foundation or corporate grants.
  • 6 tips to increase your chances of success with non-government grantors.
  • Crucial differences between manual and electronic grant proposal submission. (And common errors to avoid when sending your proposal via the Internet.)
  • Instant access to forms, legal agreements and contracts, sample grant proposals, RFPs, letters, and other documents you may need with instructions for filling them out correctly and accurately! (I'll translate the "legal" stuff into plain English so you won't spend your time banging your head against a wall figuring out what this stuff means!)

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