Grant Facts

What you might not know about Grants.

The grants marketplace is huge. Currently 1,500 Government grants programs exist. They are administered by 57 different Federal Agencies.

Free government grants and assistance are available for everyone including: veterans, families of veterans and minority groups such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans.

  • Federal Assistance Grants Programs
  • Education Assistance Grants Programs
  • Business Grants Programs
  • Home Business Grants Programs
  • Women's Business Grants Programs
  • Research Grants Programs
  • Low Income Assistance Grants Programs
  • Housing Assistance Grants Programs
  • And many more...

There's also a big category of grants just for American Indians. Non-profit organizations, first-time home buyers, artists, musicians, nurses, teachers, people with disabilities and others can apply and get approved for free grants.

These Government grants are free money that never has to be repaid.

Receive Your Share Of These Grants

  • Small Business Grants… $155.5 Billion
  • Housing Grants… $144.2 Billion
  • Student Grants… $82.8 Billion
  • Minority Grants… $55.5 Billion
  • Women's Grants… $98.3 Billion
  • Research Grants… $97.5 Billion
  • Non-Profit Grants… $102 Billion
  • Plus...

  • Community Development Grants… $37.5 Billion
  • Personal Grants… $97.3 Billion
  • And more…

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